Bibliography -Books and resources used for this website

Books used for this website -Recommended reading

-"Mysteries, Marvels, Miracles in the Lives of the Saints" by Joan Carroll Cruz, 1997, Tan Books and Publishers and availible here.

-“The Cure D’ Ars” by Abbe Franicis Trochu, The Newman Press, 1953

-"Padre Pio- The Stigmatist" by Rev. Charles Mortimer Carty, Radio Replies Press, Second edition, 1952

-"Blessed Gemma Galgani", Benedict Williamson, 2nd edition, 1932, B. Herder Book Co.

-"Faces of Holiness -Modern Saints in Photos and Words" , by Ann Ball, Our Sunday Visitor, 1998

-"Faces of Holiness II -Modern Saints in Photos and Words" , by Ann Ball, Volume 2, Our Sunday Visitor, 2001

"St Gerard Majella" by Father Edward St-Omer, C.SS.R., Tan Books, 1999.

"St Bernard of Clairvaux", by Abbe Theodore Ratisbonne, Tan Books, 1991.

"St Joseph of Copertino" by Father Angelo Pastrovicci, O.M.C., Tan Books, 1980.

"St John Bosco", by F.A. Forbes. Tan books, 2000.

"St Vincent Ferrer -The Angel of the Judgement", by Father Andrew Pradel, O.P., Tan books, 2000.

"The Miracles of St. Anthony Mary Claret" by Father Juan Echevarria, Tan Books, 1992.

"St Francis of Paola -God's Miracle Worker Supreme" by Gino J. Simi and Mario M. Segreti, Tan Books, 1977.

"St. Rita of Cascia -Saint of the Impossible" by Father Joseph Sicardo, O.S.A., Tan Books, 1990.


Anonymous said...

Hi Glenn, woould you happen to know where I could find a copy of the book you used for St. Joseph Copertino. I have the video, but have always known there's more to him. Thanks, Tensi

Glenn Dallaire said...

Hi Tensi,
You can get the St Joseph of Copertino book for $8.95 through Tan books here:
St Joseph of Copertino book

Alternatively, you can get it for even cheaper used throu Abe Books here:
Abe used books for St Joseph of Copertino

May God bless you and your loved ones,

Anonymous said...

Dear St Pio
Help me to face the World and cure my stress and anxiety and depression and my health.
Raja Farhat abbas qaisar