S.A.G. St Anthony Guide -Miraculous letter deliveries

Miraculous mail deliveries in the lives of the Saints

S.A.G. (St. Anthony Guide) -The miracle letter deliveries of St Anthony of Padua

It has become a popular practice for people to write "S.A.G." on their envelopes prior to posting them in the mail. The letters stand for "St Anthony Guide" because of the miraculous story below.

During his lifetime, God was pleased to work countless miracles in the life of the Franciscan Priest St. Anthony of Padua (1195-1231) and his reputation for sanctity was universally acclaimed. So in a sense it is not surprising then that immediately after the death of St. Anthony the miracles worked at his tomb were so prodigious that the Bishop of Padua petitioned the Vatican for his canonization. A judicial inquiry was instituted without delay, and by an exception regarded as unparalleled in history, on May 30, 1232 Pope Gregory IX, solemnly pronounced the decree of canonization, only eleven months after Anthony's death. His mother and two sisters who survived him had the extraordinary and extremely rare privilege of witnessing the canonization ceremony and joining in the festivities that followed the announcement. Those familiar with the canonisation process know that such a speedy canonization is unheard of in the Catholic Church, as the normal process requires much study into the life of the proposed Saint, and as such they are normally canonised decades and quite often centuries after their deaths. Such was the remarkable holiness of St Anthony.

The origin of the initials "S.A.G." and why they are often marked on envelopes is this:

A Spanish merchant named Antonio Dante left Spain for South America in 1729 to establish a business in Lima, Peru. His wife, who remained in Spain, wrote a number of letters to him without receiving a reply. After many months full of worry and with the utmost faith and simplicity, she brought a letter with her to the Church of St. Francis at Oviedo. [St Francis and St Anthony were close friends and companions during their lifetime.]

In the church there was a large statue of St. Anthony, and she placed a letter to her husband into his outstretched hand and prayed the following prayer with confidence, asking for his heavenly intercession:
"St. Anthony, I pray to thee; let this letter reach him and obtain for me a speedy reply."

The next day she returned to the church and saw that her letter was still there. Weeping in frustration that her letter had not been delivered, she attracted the attention of the Brother sacristan who listened to her story. Afterward, he told her that he had tried to remove the letter but could not, and he asked the lady if she would try to remove it. She tried, and she did so with ease.

The letter she retieved from the hand of the statue of St Anthony was not the one that she placed there the day before; it was a letter from her husband. As she removed the letter from his hand, three hundred golden coins fell from the sleeve of the statue.

Astonished, a number of the friars were called and ran to the scene and waited while the miraculous letter was opened. The letter was dated July 23, 1729 and read:

"My dearest wife. For some time I have been expecting a letter from you, and I have been greatly troubled and concerned at not hearing from you. But at last your letter has come, and given me joy. It was a Father of the Order of St. Francis who brought it to me. You complain that I have left your letters unanswered. I assure you that when I did not receive any from you I believed you must be dead, and so you may imagine my happiness at the arrival of your letter. I answer you now by the same religious Father, and send you three hundred golden crowns [coins], which should suffice for your support until my approaching return.

In the hope of soon being with you, I pray God for you, and I commend myself to my dear patron St. Anthony, and ardently desire that you may continue to send me tidings of yourself.
Your most affectionate,
Antonio Dante"

The original letter, written in Spanish, is affectionately kept and preserved at the Franciscan Monastery in Oviedo. In memory of this event, the practice of writing S.A.G. (St. Anthony Guide) on letters has became popular, thereby placing the letters under the protection of St Anthony whom they trust will get the letter safely to its proper destination.

The Angelic Letter Deliveries in the Life of St. Gemma Galgani
Another more recent case of miraculous mail deliveries occured in the extraordinary life of the 20th century stigmatic and mystic Saint Gemma Galgani (1878-1903).

In the "Life of St Gemma Galgani" written by her spiritual director, Venerable Father Germanus Ruoppolo, a few years after her death we read how the extraordinary mystic was on such familiar terms with her Guardian Angel that she sometimes entrusted her letters to him for safe delivery:

"One day, with the most charming simplicity, she prayed to her spiritual director's angel to take the letter she had written to him. Being familiar with the angel, she had no doubt as to the result. Already living dependent on the charity of the Giannini family [whom she was living with], she did not like to make additional requests in asking for stamps. She did not always proceed in this extraordinary manner, thus her recourse to the angel was not continual, yet not a single one of all the letters that she thus committed to him was lost."

In light of these extraordinary Angelic deliveries, her director, Ven Father Germanus C.P., wanted to conduct a "test" and so he instructed Gemma to give the letters she wanted to send him by the Angel to Cecilia Giannini, who was told to lock them in a place unknown to Gemma. Gemma lived in Lucca, Italy while her spiritual director lived several hundred miles away in Rome.

And so on June 11, 1901 Gemma wrote a letter to her spiritual director seeking guidance on some spiritual matters, as she often did. She then gave a letter to Cecilia, (as previously requested by her spiritual director), who in turn gave it to Father Lorenzo Agrimonti, who was a priest living at that time with the Giannini family. Father Lorenzo immediately locked it in a chest in his own room and put the key in his pocket.

During the afternoon of the next day, Gemma saw in a vision the Angel passing by with her letter on his way to Rome to deliver it to Ven. Father Germanus, and so Cecilia immediately notified Father Lorenzo. They found that the letter had, in fact, disappeared from its secret location, and to their greater amazement they later discovered that the letter was received, as usual, by her spiritual director, unstamped of course.

To prove the matter yet another time, the same experiment was undertaken--a letter of Gemma's to her director was once again handed over to Father Lorenzo. He secretly hid the envelope between two pictures, one of St. Gabriel Possenti and the other of St. Paul of the Cross. This took place on May 22, 1901. The next day Gemma announced that her Angel had taken away the letter and the delivery of which was once again confirmed by her spiritual director, to the utter amazement of everyone involved. It is no wonder then that Ven. Father Germanus in his book on the life of St Gemma calls them "angelic letters".

And about Gemma and her guardian Angel, her spiritual director Ven. Father Gemanus writes- "Gemma, seeing the great charity her angel lavished upon her, loved her angel immensely, and his name was always on her tongue as well as in her heart.
‘Dear Angel’ she would say ‘I love you so!’
‘And why’ the Angel asked.
‘Because you teach me how to be good, and to keep humble, and to please Jesus'."

More details of the Angelic letter deliveries in the life of St Gemma Galgani can be found here.


Joseph said...

St. Gemma is one of my favorite saints and the link at the bottom of the page to the article about Gemma and her guardian angel was awesome---and to think that she lived only 100 years ago!

Anonymous said...

WOW! Nice website!!!!
I like your "Mystics of the Church" website too! Great work...

Anonymous said...

Gemma's spiritual director Fr. Germano would find Gemma's letters mysteriously placed on his desk, without any explanation of how they arrived there...he would step out of his office for a moment and upon his return the letter would be placed there...the would have no stamp on them....they where often written the same day, and Gemma lived 500 miles away.

Mimi said...

Thank you for sharing these wonderful miraculous stories. They always give a boost to my faith. God bless you!

Anonymous said...

Check out:

Anonymous said...

I truly believe in miracles! God work his ways mysteriously! And I love everything and anything about story of miracles!

Imelda said...

Believe and faith really works! Mother Mary and Our Lord Jesus Christ worked side by side looking forward to be reached out!!! Pls. Pray everyday.... Zealously. Miracles really happens in their own way....May God Bless Us All!!

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful morning to read this when I truly need a miracle.

Anonymous said...

Unbelievable, I am a witness of God's miracles through St Anthony, I came back from Overseas on April 27th 2014, but only last week I realized that my 18k gold bracelet was stolen just few days after my return to the States. The bracelet was kept in the closet's drawer and the only person who had access to that room aside my parents and sister was the maid, whom I discovered stole other things before. Long story short, 5 days ago (May 5) I prayed to St Anthony without any hope or faith about recovering my bracelet, and today I got a call from overseas from my mother that it was found under the bed. I can't thank enough to my Jesus fof listening to my prayer through st Anthony.

Anonymous said...

Sorry I meant to say before my return to the states

Emil Joseph said...

My sister lost her wallet which had her two credit cards, debit card, Social insurance card, drivers licence, health card...basically her whole life in it. She lost in her university and gave a complaint there. After a few days, we gave a complaint at the local police station as well fearing identity theft and whatnot. Where we live, there is a St Anthony's parish and there's perpetual Adoration so my sister and I went there one day and we prayed and begged for St. Anthony's intercession. My sister did St Anthony's novena 9 times a day.
About three weeks passed since she lost her wallet. One day my dad was getting mail from our communal mailbox and found an envelop which had my sister's name and address (and nothing else written on it, not even a stamp or anything) and inside it was her wallet, in same condition as she lost it; everything intact.
We figured the person who found it had left it in the mail box, but only mail man can access the communal mailbox and only my family has the other key. I don't know how the wallet got it there, but I cant thank our Lord enough for listening to us through the intercession of our beloved St. Anthony.

omee said...

I praise God for this boost to my faith. I have been going Lukewarm. Thank you I entrust myself to the guidance of St . Anthony and St Gemma. Amen

Bernadette said...

St Anthony performed a lovely miracle for me. It was my Honeymoon, and on the last day me and my husband decided to go on a boat with a group, out in the ocean and go snorkelling. It was quite deep/ a lot of coral reefs (completely beautiful).

We were swimming around, however, the water freezed my husbands hand and his wedding ring slipped off into the ocean, he tried to grab it but it was gone. We both prayed to St Anthony (even though my husband isn't catholic) we also told a girl on board who was able to swim down to the bottom as she was the photographer. We had twenty minutes to find it before we left.

Luckily, despite being in the ocean and only twenty minutes, and being meeter's deep -We got it back!! The girl found it! It was a miracle, I put my faith in St Anthony and we got our wedding ring back in time before we left the ocean.

Anonymous said...

Hi my name is Angela. Me and my husband were trying to conceive but it was not happening. So I prayed to St Anthony and became pregnant. Not just that I had complications during my third semester and we were so worried, but we had a healthy baby boy. Every time I prayed to St Anthony he helped us. He is truly the saint of miracles.

Rohit Kumar said...

My fathet has been declared dead 21 hrs before.
He was on dialysis since 4 month
Name Ashok Kumar 59yrs Male
place Patna bihar India
He wants to be alive
If possible, any miracle, please bring him back

Anonymous said...

Dear St Anthony, I am jobless for 4 months now. I could not find a job. All four of us are sick. I lost my certificate. My daughter cannot complete her studies and another one is adamant ,waiting for medical school admission.i need to pay taxes, car insurance and home insurance.
You are the miraculous Saint and I request you to find me a job where no gossipers win,and give me the money I want. Orelse provide me a lottery so I can spend my rest of the life as a missionary. St Anthony please find two young, God fearing, good character, wealthy boys who can accept and love my children for my daughters.. Please find my license.
Please cure our sickness.
I will be your devotee for the rest of my life.
Thanks, Sherly

Anonymous said...

Hi my daughters name is chinchiu and she is trying to complete her studies from 2011. Unable to pass the exams. St Anthony, she is sick also., please do a miracle sothat she can graduate and get a job. Let her i capability or whatever change to a great success.
Please heal all of us and find a MD admission for Ammu and let her be a good girl who respects her mother. St Anthony wonderful healer find a good job for me. I love God and prays a lot.but Jesus is not listening to my prayers. Miraculous St Anthony, St Gemma, St Claire all of you pray for us. please find a boy for Chinchu.
Jesus help us. Thanks, I love you all.

Anonymous said...

St. Anthony please help me. Please save me by your miracle. Really now I am a hope less. you are the hope for me.Only your miracle can save me. I need my man whom I loved and we both want to live together.But his marriage fixed for August. He does not like this marriage. Because of his mother's will it happening. We can not do anything. But We both can not leave each other. Please help us to be together forever. Only five days are left for marriage. Only a miracle can save us. Please saint please cancel this marriage. I am about to die. Day and night I am crying. I can not drink water or eat. Really I am helpless. I don't have any one to tell this. You are the only one hope to me. They have taken wedding ring,chains, dress and thali also. Really I may die. He too so tensed. Please save us. Oh st.Anthony please use your miraculous power and help us to be together and cancel this marriage. Only five days are there infront of me. please do one miracle. please.I want to be with him. I need him.Otherwise I can not live. please.

Anonymous said...



Jaison James said...

My friend is a cabin crew and he lost his camera in a hotel where he stayed in Germany , He had some very important videos in it. So when He was back from Germany, He suddenly realized He forgot his camera and He was more worried because He had to create some program with the videos He has in that camera . He messaged me and told me this sad story and I immediately prayed to My dearest saint St Anthony, and I told my friend Wait for some time, you will get it back.
I.believe, St Antony made me say that, because few minutes later I got a voice message from him saying that He got his camera back from his shoe box... Which He kept in his suit case.....
Thanks a lot St Anthony....... pray for us always....

Anonymous said...

Dear St. Anthony,
My faith in you and the church was restored when i met my husband . Ever since we met i have faithfully visited your shrine to ask you to protect his life and pull him out of his financial burdens, but St.Anthony, he has only fallen into deeper into problems financial and life threatening.
Why have you turned a blind eye . If he was not meant for me then why was he brought into my life.i have lost all hope St. Anthony

Anonymous said...

Dear St Anthony you know my troubles and problems i am going through, i beg you St Anthony to help me urgently from all the problems, i participate and offer the holy mass for 13 Tuesday's as a thanksgiving and honor for the miraculous help you will definitely do for me, i am always grateful to you since you have helped me several times when i was in problem. O Miraculous Saint Anthony please please help me this time too as i am in deep financial trouble.

Anonymous said...

S A G,
St Anthony my husband had a stroke 3 years ago leaving his left side weak and unable to use left arm the shoulder is out of the socket and no muscle to hold in place. Please help him regain the use of his arm and stregthen his left leg. i will continue to pray the chaplet on Tuesdays Miraculous Saint Anthony please help me in this time as I really need your help.

Sandra McGillycuddy said...

Saint Anthony I believe in you so much. You always come through for us. We truly need your help now to relieve us of the financial stress. My husband has been so giving to others. He now needs help. Please Saint Anthony find a way to help us through Jesus. Please.

Anonymous said...

Saint Anthony, when I was in the store the other day and was talking to the clerk about Saints she mentioned that she felt closest to you. I told her that I also felt I was closest to you and praised you. After doing so, I got chills throughout my entire body and I knew it was you. When I got home I walked up to your statue I pray to everyday between St. Francis and Archangel Raphael.I took your extended hand and said: "You heard me praising you in the store didn't you?" I immediately got the same chills throughout my body again. You were clearly answering me. Twenty six years ago I asked you for a miracle with just one prayer and you provided me with the assistance I asked. I now need that same miracle again. I ask you to intercede by way of the Holy Trinity and help me in my time of desperation. Thank you and Amen.

Diane said...

Dear Saint Anthony,
I so need to sell my home. We have got to move this month. I have found a house that we can rent...we cannot afford to stay here. Oh dear Saint Anthony, will you help to. Fr. Peter says you are the saint of miracles and for this house to sell for what we need out of it will need a miracle. If you will help me, I will forever be in your debt and I will be a constant witness to your goodness and mercy. Thank you Saint Anthony...

Anonymous said...

I am in desperate situation none of them can help me in this situation, but from the past till date you have helped me with your miraculous power and intersession through our lord Jesus and Mother Mary whenever am in deep trouble, now i am in a deep financial trouble, am straight a way seeking your urgent help with all my hope, faith and trust in you, I'll surrender my problem to you and earnestly plead you to solve it, I'll be faithful to Our lord Jesus and Mother Mary and be a devotee to you throughout my life. Amen

Anonymous said...



anonymous said...

Dearest Saint Antony,
Pls move all the circumstances and events to fall in place so that this marriage happens miraculously as everyone likes this proposal to the core but the unmatching horoscope is the only problem....I like this proposal so much....Oh! dear saint,the worker of miracles,pls do this miracle for us asap...............

Anonymous said...

Almighty Saint Anthony,
Please pray for me, I am suffering so much, financially. Heal my depression so I may live a full and happy life on earth. Please tell all the Saints, and Angles to spare my suffering.
In the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit Amen!

Unknown said...

I am expecting miracles for family!
1. Gold ornaments redemption from muthoot fin corp.
2. Car release from tata motor finance limited.now.
3. New car for us.
4. Home purchase.
Other temperol needs

Anonymous said...

Prayer Intention: By VP D'SOUZA
Dear St Anthony and St Gemma,

I have lost the company's 3 hard disks and it was kept in my drawer and my pending salary dues of 4 months. St Anthony and St Gemma Galgani, I request you to please intercede for me so Lord Jesus will grant my intentions. I promise to help the poor and needy and also propogate what you and St Gemma had done on this earth to bring lost souls to the Heavenly Kingdom. Thankyou both for your powerful intention in this regard.

Anonymous said...

From: Melissa M D
Dear St Anthony, St Gemma,

Please pray for me that I will get a good tution teacher and Abba Father in Jesus name will grant me a high IQ to do well in my 10th standard. Also please pray for me that Lord Jesus will rekindle the Holy Spirit which I had received at baptism and he will grant me the Fruits nd Charism's of the Holy Spirit to do his work in his vineyard. Thankyou for interceding for my intentions.

Anonymous said...

Please St.Anthony pray for our father who has been in the hospital for nearly two months now as he is suffering from a liver disease .the doctors said it is incurable but through your help and prayer ..our father will be healed physically and spiritually..in Jesus name .Amen

shambhavi S J said...

St. Anthony pray for my cousin whom i lost 3 days back and today is 4th day. We are suffering without him, we did wrong, we are sinners. please arise him from death, give him a chance to live... Our only hope is jesus christ. please prayer for him and do the miracle. Lazarus who came back to life after his death in 4th day, we please you pray for my cousin in jesus name Amen.

Anonymous said...

Almighty St. Antony.. Please pray for me and my family...
Now I started believing in you and your miracles. Please get me a job as I wish... I need your prayers.. Help me all throughout my life.. I will be ever thankful to you. Please hear my prayers and I believe that u will do miracles in my life...

From Henna

Pat said...

St Anthony please pray for my baby Alec 5 yrs old to bring him back to me soon, he took by his auntie, also take care of him and in good health, i miss him so much I raised him since he was 2 yrs old, and he is an orphan, we love him, feed him, sent him to school, but now his relatives took him, just for money.
Please i want to talk to him soon, he's crying the we talked, he thought its only a vacation, her tita said that we dont have rights, i want to restore our family to be happy, peaceful home, and return alec to us soon.

Thank you I know you will grant my request St Anthony
In Jesus Name amen.

Anonymous said...

My late Mom lost her engagement ring while on honeymoon in Co Kerry.....on Banna beach. The following day my late Dad and Mom returned to Banna beach after many prayers to St Anthony. Ring was found. St Anthony has come to the rescue of the family several times since in locating missing items! Mom has passed on her devotion to the family and we all turn to him in our hour of need. Thanks St Anthony.

Sara Bravo said...

St Anthony has not failed me, he found a love one that was stranged and made way for the relationship to heal and the person to come back into my life.

Anonymous said...

Thank you St Anthony for helping me.Please continue to help me with this journey

Anonymous said...

Thank you lord for help till now. Without your help I am really nothing. Dear St.Anthony I am having very much tension in my house. My children are suffering very much and me too. Please as you know solve my problems, help my husband to understand and react. Please help my husband to get good job and solve my financial worries. Please turn all of us to the church and prayers. Please help us in this journey of life. Amen.

Anonymous said...

St.Anthony please give my children lots of love, protect them from all dangers and give good education and make them good, loving person.Protect them, gaurd them and guide them. We have lost our god and not so much in prayers please with your help, I have faith that we will refurbish our faith. Please there be praises of god in our family. Change my husband, you are saint of Miracles please help me. change my husbands behaviour and temper.
Thank you Jesus, Thank you saint Anthony.

Anonymous said...

Dear St.Anthony, As you know today morning someone took something from me. I have to do so many pending payments. Please make that person return my thing. Please st.Anthony i need your help. Please help me. I feel that I will go in depression if I suffer silently. Please make haste and help me. I will pray to you every day.Thank you

Anonymous said...

Dear St Anthony, As you know I've been acting and feeling wrong and unloving for some time. Please restore some love and grace to my life, and help me move on. Thank you for your great faith and grace and miracles. I'm sorry I shut everyone and every thing out for so long. I want to pray for all my family, Please help me find the time and faith and patience, and please let me have some joy and confidence and energy again. I'm so sorry for all the wrong I have done, and for not listening when I should have. Please help me to be responsible and restore me, I can believe in God again because of saints like you. please help me to become someone more pleasing to God, and live a better life of love and faith, and to live with a happier faith and joy. Thank you for listening, and seeing everything. I'm very sorry, thank you for all the kindness you have shown, and the blessings that come from God.

rajeshtellis said...

Dear st anthony as you know I left my job in on 2013 June. After that I am a jobless but you showed me way to get job in Isreal as care taker. I haven given my interview on 9th of June 2016.. I have hope and faith on u . I will get my visa in ur blessing..in the name lord Jesus you will make this miracle in my life.. thank u Jesus thank you st Antony. .

Anonymous said...

Still praying to St Anthony for return of things, some of which lost accidentally, some perhaps wilfully. God bless you and God help us all.

Anonymous said...

I am also a witness of God's miracles through St Anthony, St. Anthony has proven it to me many times. One of the big things he's done for me was in January 2010, when I was visiting friends in Las Vegas and I lost my purse, containing cash, jewelry, credit and debit cards, at the Las Vegas airport. I was so desperate and miserable the moment I realized it was missing, as I have already been a victim of identity theft. I was sobbing at the terminal, makeup smeared all over my face. It was such a heavy and horrible feeling. I went to a corner and prayed and begged to St. Anthony to bring my purse back to me. After almost an hour of searching, I left the airport with a heavy heart. Just minutes after leaving, I received a call from the airport's lost and found office, and sure enough, St. Anthony let me know he had heard me loud and clear, when the caller said those sweet words, "We found your bag." , Everything was intact and there was nothing missing.

Anonymous said...

I been devoted to San Anthony since i was a little kid,When I was 10 years old trough his intercession he performed a miracle for my mom and I. Later he helped me find a job in one week . I left the catholic church for a while ,then I met my girlfriend, who is a devoted Catholic , she has had believe in Saint Anthony also, and lately through his intercession He answered our prayer, Saint Anthony always listen to the people who believe in Him , Lets all pray for our conversion , and all our needs to become better to God, Saint Anthony heard our prayers .

Anonymous said...

St Anthony please help me urgently and solve my problems, o miracle performer and wonder worker i surrender and submit all my problems and needs to your holy will, wish and intentions grant me the favors i so earnestly plead you through Divine Mercy , Infant Jesus, Mother Mary Amen.

Anonymous said...

Saint Anthony's Guide (S.A.G.)
Good Saint Anthony, please find a cozy and homey place in Honolulu, Hawaii for me and a nice car for travel to my work so that I am feeling better by reducing irritable bowel syndrome (I.B.S.). You are the miracle-worker who really listens to many humblest petition by holding Jesus as a sweet chilld. That sweet child can understand others and grant them wonderful miracles. They ever thank them in bottom of their hearts. Your gratitude of my bottom of my heart.


soumya said...

A big bouquet of thanks to our protector St.Antony who is there to help and guide us all through our life. We are a great devotee of St.Antony from our childhood. Our family attends the novena and seek blessings in all our ventures. Our saint has always helped us in the times of need especially when we lose our things that really matters for us. I am writing this as a thanksgiving in order to thank you for a great blessing that you have given us in three difficult situations in life.

1. We hail from Kerala and landed in Canada a month back with a hope for a promising tomorrow but unfortunately the start itself gave us a shock. We had left our bag with two laptops and some clothes at the airport itself and came to know of that only after a few days. Because we had left it near the conveyer belt, the chance of getting it back was really low...almost nil. We rushed to the place but could not meet the concerned person and thus had to come back. There was so much of pressure inside us as the laptops were costly and if we had lost it buying a new one will be unaffordable for us, it will also affect our job hunt here. We prayed day and night and finally as a blessing we could get the bag back with all its contents after 2 days and the first thing we got while opening the bag was the photo of Saint Antony that we had brought along with us. This was a breath taking moment for us and also it was the saint Antony showing us that miraculous presence. I strongly believe that St.Antony has answered our prayers so that we could use my laptop for typing this only because of your choicest blessings.

2. In another instance, my husband left his mobile in a public washroom and without noticing this we walked quite a long way....suddenly when he realized, we ran back to the place. All through the way while running I was praying to my saint to help us because it was the only mobile we were having also we had all our contacts and passwords and credentials saved in that. As a miracle it was found at the same place where he had kept it .This is again the blessings from the heaven above, I truly believe.

3.Today...We lost something far more important than the above mentioned two things...it was our SIN card which is very integral for immigrants like us .Without this nothing will be possible in a foreign country like Canada. We did not lose our hope...kept praying, within a few minutes of extensive search finally we found it safe. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts and offer you our garland as you have saved us from very critical situations in life at a foreign land. Thank you once again for your blessings and I seek your presence in our life in the future too.

Up on the loud of our voice and the heights of our belief we proclaim our belief in Saint Antony and also will definitely spread this message across to everyone.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts and bless us to live in peace &belief

Antony & Soumya ,

Glenn Dallaire said...

Dear Antony & Soumya,
Thanks so much for sharing the wonderful stories of St Anthony's remarkable intercession in your lives---thanks be to God!

I pray that St Anthony may always be very close to you, and may he lead you ever closer to Jesus.
Glenn Dallaire