Bilocation of St Padre Pio

Bilocation in the lives of the Saints

Bilocation (sometimes hyphenated as bi-location) is a special gift of God where an individual can be in two places at once. God always uses this gift for acts of mercy or charity to be performed by the Saint, in circumstances where it is physically impossible for the Saint to be present under normal circumstances.

While the gift of bi-location has been given to countless saints. Probably one of the most frequent and documented accounts occurred relatively recently in the extraordinary life of the beloved St Padre Pio of Pietrelcina (1887-1968).

Extraordinary examples of the gift of bi-location in the life of St Pio:

In the April 2008 issue of “Pray, Hope and Don’t Worry” newsletter published by Padre Pio Devotions we read of an account of the extraordinary appearance of St Pio in America.
Ellie Hunt’s family came from Padre Pio’s hometown of Pietrelcina and had known Padre Pio from his childhood. They eventually emigrated from Italy to New York. In 1960, when Ellie was 31 years old her grandfather, Jack Crafa became gravely ill. Ellie and her parents lived close to his home in Flushing, New York and during his grave illness, the family stayed by his side. When Jack eventually fell into a coma, they all knew that his life was soon passing.

One day while Ellie and her parents were at her grandfather’s bedside, a stranger knocked at the door. They were all surprised to see a Capuchin monk dressed in a dark brown habit, because there were no Capuchin monks in their Parish or in any other parish in the area for that matter. They were also surprised to see that he was wearing sandals without any socks, because it was a particularly cold day and snow covered the ground. The monk said that he had come to pray for her grandfather. Ellie was also a bit upset, because she thought that the parish priest should have come to pray for her grandfather, and not a complete stranger. However, she was soon impressed by the kindness and compassion of the young monk.

He then went straight into her grandfathers bedroom and blessed Jack Crafa. Then told the family to pray the Rosary suggesting that they sit at Jack’s side, praying the Hail Mary close to his ear, for he seemed to have the opinion that Jack was still able to hear. After the monk said that, Ellie was surprised to find that when she took her grandfather’s hand in hers, she felt a response from a very slight squeeze from his hand.

The young Capuchin then gave Ellie’s grandfather the Last Sacraments, then he blessed the family and bid them goodbye. As he walked out the front door, Ellie’s father, James noticed that there was no car waiting for him outside. James watched him as he walked up the street until he disappeared in the darkness. Jack Crafa died that very night. He had been in a coma for nine days.

After the unknown monk had left, Ellie’s father James became pale and appeared quite shaken. Ellie’s mother Lucy, asked him for the reason.”Don’t you know who that was?” James replied, “It was Padre Pio. He came to give the Last Rites to your father and he looked exactly like I remember him when I used to deliver eggs to him in Pietrelcina.”

For Ellie’s grandfather Jack had been one of Padre Pio’s spiritual sons from Pietrelcina and through a special grace God Padre Pio had come to comfort and encourage him, and to administer the last Sacraments of the Church, for his death was only hours away.
[Source "Pray, Hope and Don't Worry" newsletter, April 2008, published by Padre Pio Devotions]

More examples of bilocation in the life of St Padre Pio
[The primary source for this section is "Padre Pio- The Stigmatist" by Rev Charles Mortimer Carty, Radio Replies Press, 2nd ed.]Signora Concetta Bellarmini of S. Vito Lanciano declares that she was suddenly stricken with a blood infection followed by bronchial pneumonia with a very high fever. She was reduced to such a state that the doctors despaired of ever saving her. The flesh had become yellow from the infection which had spread throughout her body.

A relative urged her to direct her prayers to Padre Pio. She prayed to him whom she has never seen, when suddenly in full daylight a stigmatized monk appeared to her and smiling blessed her without touching her as he stood in the middle of the room. The woman asked him if his appearance signified the grace for the conversion of her children, or else the grace for her physical cure. Then Padre answered, "Sunday morning you will be cured," then he vanished from the room, leaving an odor of perfume which the servant girl also smelt. After this visit her flesh turned normal color, the fever ceased and in a few days her health was completely restored. She went with her brother to San Giovanni Rotondo to see if Padre Pio was the one who appeared to her. When she arrived at the Monastery and saw Padre Pio in the church she turned to her brother and said, "There he is, he is the one."

Signor Bugarini Arturo of Ancona was urged by friends to turn to Padre Pio for the cure of his boy. Whilst he was standing near the bedside of his critically ill son he felt three consecutive taps on his shoulder, whilst a voice said: "I am Padre Pio, I am Padre Pio, I am Padre Pio." At the same time he felt all over his body a wave of heat as if he were next to an intense flame, then all of a sudden it ceased. This visit of Padre Pio restored the health of the son. Father and son visited the monastery to thank Padre Pio for the miraculous cure and the spiritual conversion of the father and all the Bugarini family.

On July 20, 1921, a Monsignor D'Indico of Florence, whom this author met in 1923 when studying theology at the Archbishop's Seminary at Florence, was alone in his study. He felt the sensation of having someone at his back. He turned and saw a monk who disappeared. He left his quarters to tell a chaplain what happened. The chaplain thought it was mere hallucination due to his actual state of anxiety over his sister, who was very ill. He invited him to take a short walk for mental distraction.

When they returned they called at the sick room. His sister who a little before was in the state of coma, at the same hour as when her brother felt the sensation of being in the presence of Padre Pio, narrated that she had seen a monk enter her room who approached her and said:
"Don't be afraid, tomorrow your fever will disappear and after a few days there will be no trace of your illness on your body."

"But Padre," she answered, "are you then a saint?"

"No, I am only a creature who serves the Lord through His mercies.""Let me kiss your habit, Padre."
"Kiss the sign of the passion," and he showed his hands transfixed and bleeding.
"Padre, I recommend to you my husband and child."
"Pray, pray that you will be good and be assured that your child will be under my protection," and blessing her he vanished.

She immediately got better and in eight days was entirely cured.

His opinion on the recognition of bilocation
One day a monk who was speaking about the bilocation of St. Anthony of Padua who miraculously appeared in Lisbon, said to Padre Pio: "Perhaps these privileged of the Lord do not even know when their bilocation occurs:'Padre Pio quickly interrupting him as one who is experienced with such events answered: "Certainly they know. They cannot know if the body or the soul moves, but they are very conscious of what happens and they know where they are going."

St Pio miraculously appears to a General
While World War I was raging throughout Europe, one day General Cadorna, a General in the Italian Army, was in his study during the war and in deep study he held his head in his hands, thinking of all the young men who, for the love of country would have to give up their lives, when suddenly he smelt a very strong perfume odor of roses which was wafted around the room. Raising his venerable head, he was stupefied to see a monk with a seraphic look and with bleeding hands. Passing in front of him, the monk said, "Be calm, they will not do anything harmful to you."

With the disappearance of the monk, the general no longer smelled the perfume. He told a Franciscan friend about the vision and when he mentioned the perfume the Franciscan said, "Your excellency, you have seen Padre Pio." Then he told the general all about Padre Pio. The general decided to visit San Giovanni and when he arrived there incognito, he was immediately approached by two Capuchins, who had recognized the general even though he was trying to disguise himself in civilian clothing. They approached him and said, "Your Excellency, Padre Pio is waiting for you. He sent us to meet you."

St Pio appears leaves the imprint of his stigmatized hand on a bed sheet
Emma Meneghello, a very pious young girl of 14, was afflicted with epilepsy which threw her into fits several times a week. One afternoon whilst in prayer, Padre Pio appeared to her and placed his hand on the bed sheet, then smiled and vanished. The cured epileptic arose to kiss the place where the Padre had placed his hand and she noticed a cross of blood left on the sheet. A small square cut of the sheet with the blood stains is conserved today in a glass picture frame. "Through the intercession of Padre Pio," writes this miraculously cured girl, "I have obtained other graces, especially for dying babies."

Padre Pio appears and cures a dying man
Mrs. Ersilia Magurno, a woman of great faith, for two months was taking care of her husband, who was stricken with influenza. This illness would not have given alarm were it not that he was also affiicted with a very weak heart. Night and day helped by a nun, the wife was watching her husband with every possible care, whilst praying and invoking Padre Pio. He grew worse and the doctors advised that the last rites be given to him because of the very alarming failure of his heart.

One night the wife noticed in the room a strong perfume of flowers. The next morning, however, a worse condition prevailed and the dying man was approaching his end. A telegram begged Padre Pio's intercession. Two days later Mr. Magurno entered the state of coma. The wife did not give up hope and sent a second telegram. Finally the 27th of Feb., 1947, the sick man after a day of prolonged crisis fell asleep. The nun was away and the wife remained alone to watch him and at midnight she noticed that his sleep was more restful than usual. At 7:30 in the morning, noticing that he was awakening, she rushed to his side and said, "How do you feel?"
"I am cured, I am well. Padre Pio just left the room; open the window please and take my temperature." It was entirely normal.
"Ernesto," asked the astonished wife, anxious to hear and to know. "What are you saying? Have you seen Padre Pio? And what, did he tell you?"
“He came together with another monk, he examined my heart and said, 'This fever will go away, tomorrow you will be cured and within four days you can get up.' “Padre Pio looked around, examined the medicines, read the medical reports and remained in the room all night." To confirm this miracle a strong odor of violets was observed in the room.

Five months later on July 27 the couple went to San Giovanni and Mr. Magurno immediately recognized Padre Pio as the monk who cured him. Padre Pio received him with fond greetings and placing his hand on his shoulder said to him: "How much this heart has made you suffer."
"Go away child for you have been cured"
We must not think that Padre Pio arrives always unexpectedly at the bedside of the sick, for at times he announced in advance the time of his coming. Once a little sick girl told her parents the approximate hour of his arrival, and the parents in their simplicity not understanding the phenomenon went to meet him at the railroad station. When they returned to the child disappointed, they found her asleep.

"Padre Pio didn't come," her mother said sadly, as soon as she saw her waking.
"Why he just left!," the child answered. A young girl, cured also providentially from a grave infirmity, desired to test the power of Padre Pio and she came to him feigning the infirmity that once afflicted her.
“Go away child," he said, striking her jokingly on the shoulder, "go away for you are quite cured and be careful that you never again tempt the mercy of the Lord."

He miraculously appears to baptise a baby as promised
A couple from Genoa visited Padre Pio to sadly tell him that they had no children.
"Bring him to me to be baptized when he is born," was his answer. From this reply and many other similar ones we discover that Padre Pio was often able to foretell the sex of an unborn child.

The following year the fortunate couple returned with their baby boy, but in the Church of Our Lady of Graces there was no baptismal font and there was such a crowd in the church that they could not reach Padre Pio. The mother remained in the Parish House of San Giovanni Rotondo one mile away, whilst the father went to the monastery to protest that Padre Pio had invited them to come there, otherwise they would not have come. He waited and his wait was in vain. He returned to the Parish House to learn from his wife that even though Padre Pio at the time specified was very preoccupied with the people had come and baptized the baby.

Padre Pio miraculously appears and rescues a condemned woman

In a city of central Italy a teacher and ex-secretary of a Fascist organization was accused of having furnished arms and bombs to the Fascisti, who perpetrated an explosion that killed military and civilians. But the teacher was innocent. Taken by force from her home to be tried and shot she succeeded in bringing with her a Rosary and a photograph of Padre Pio. They conducted her to observe the destruction and to see the spectacle of the dead whose death they attributed to her. They then brought her to the place of execution.

Meanwhile some members of the firing squad entered her home with the pretext of searching for arms. Instead they began stealing money, objects of gold, clothing, until all of a sudden there thundered a shout, "Enough," so resolutely and imperiously that the soldiers fled abandoning their loot.

The sister of the condemned girl watching the whole scene cringing in a corner recognized in the shouting of "Enough," the voice of Padre Pio.
The order to aim and fire had been suspended because of the arrival of an interminable column of armored cars, horses, cannon, ambulances and marching troops. The commander of the firing squad remained standing on a car as if hypnotized.

St Padre Pio celebrating Holy Mass & Eucharist
The young teacher could hardly breathe as she reflected that her hour would come when the last soldier passed by. She began to pray to Padre Pio for the grace of seeing God's will in her execution. A gentleman approached her and asked what they had decided to do with her.
“I don't know, I no longer know anything, they are all away, there is only the commander there," as she pointed him out with a facial expression full of horror.
He was motionless as if cemented to his post. “Then consider yourself free and come with me."
He brought her in his automobile to her home where many women were comforting her griefstricken sister. The condemned girl threw herself into her sister's arms and then taking a picture of Padre Pio from the wall, kissed it and pressed it to her heart. In that instant she felt a hand gently patting her cheek.

A few months later the teacher went to San Giovanni to thank her saviour.
“Padre," she said, “my life will not be enough to thank you." He said: “My child, how much your faith caused me to run."
-St Pio of Pietrelcina, pray for us!

A few quotes and sayings of Padre Pio:
"Prayer is the best weapon we possess. It is the key that opens the heart of God."

"Love our Lady and make her loved; always recite the Rosary and recite it as often as possible."

"You must always humble yourself lovingly before God and before men, because God speaks only to those who are truly humble and He enriches them with His gifts."

"Humility and purity are the wings which carry us to God and make us almost divine."

"Hold on tightly to the Rosary. Be very grateful to the Madonna because it was she who gave us Jesus."

"The Rosary is a special weapon for these times in which we are living"

"Love Jesus, love Him very much, but to do this, be ready to love sacrifice more."

"Imagine Jesus crucified in your arms and on your chest, and say a hundred times as you kiss His chest, "This is my hope, the living source of my happiness; this is the heart of my soul; nothing will ever separate me from His love."

"Stay with me, Lord, for as poor as my soul is I want it to be a place of consolation for You.."

Click here for more information on St Padre Pio

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Those interested in making a Novena (9 days of prayer) seeking the holy intercession of St Padre Pio can find the Novena to St Padre Pio here.


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Unknown said...

Dear Saint Padre Pio, I am Huzefa Husaini Vakhariya, son of Husaini Akbarali Vakhariya.
My father is having very less income from last 30 years, our income is less and our expenses are high.
Our relatives, friends, and neighbors behaves like enemy with us. They all try to hurt us mentally and try to create problems financially.
My father is suffering from health problems from last 30 years, in which his whole left side of body from head to toe keeps paining, the whole left side swells and keeps paining. Due to this unbearable pain he is not able to work properly, he is not able to concentrate in any kind of work. He do not like to live also.
His wife's and my mother name is Fatema Husaini Vakhariya. She have very bad temper, she never understand and obey my father. She have leaved my father and went to his mother's house in Mumbai. She keeps contact with those who is not keeping good relation with my father, my father tells not to keep contact with some entrusted people but still she never obeys my father instruction and do whatever she wants only. She have went to his mother's house from last one year.
I Huzefa Vakhariya is also suffering from problems of weakness in strength, have problem in working for long time continously, I suffer from breathlessness after working for more time, also I have very bad problem of Hyperactive Bladder in which i have to go urination once every hour, also I have constipation in which I have to go toilet five times a day, I took lots of medicines for Hyperactive bladder and for contipation but nothing is giving me satisfactory result.
Please help my father and me from his all problems by giving your presence in his dream. He is inviting you Dear Padre Pio to come in his dream for solving all his problems. Please solve our problems of earning, health, peace, strength. Please come and help us as soon as possible, Amin.

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st Padre Pio, please pray for my unborn child. He has been diagnosed with a heart condition. His little body has swelling around and he needs help to get rid of the fluid. Please pray for my unborn amen

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Please pray that he is born healthy with no heart condition. Please pray for him

Glenn Dallaire said...

Hi Anonymous,
I pray that the child in your womb may be healthy and born safely. In pray this Jesus holy Name, AMEN +

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Dear Padre Pio, I have just read a bit about your life. Thank God, the Lord Jesus and our blessed mother for your life. Dear St Padre Pio, pls grant every member of my family long life, good heath, protection and save us from the fire of hell with your intercession. Please specifically I beg you to obtain from God for me a God given husband, lovely marriage and beautiful Children who'll be Gods instruments. Thank you dear Fr. I trust in your prayers for the mercies of my Lord and saviour Jesus Christ. Amen!

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Padre Pio please pray and intercede for me that I may pass the mmi conducted by SIT next week; to enable me to study physiotherapy. Please Padre Pio hear my prayer for I really have to begin my university studies this year. Help me to remain steadfast in faith, pure in mind and heart, and active in charity. Bring me ever close to Jesus who have I have course to,through the prayers of the holy rosary of Mother Mary. Amen. Thank you Padre Pio for hearing my prayer.

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Please Padre Pio, I ask for your divine intervention. Please restore my relationship with Michael. I pray that his heart will be touched, that he will contact me so that we can work out our problems together and keep God in the center of our lives. Please pray. Thank you Padre Pio.

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Padre Pio I humbly ask you interceed to Jesus for Robin,that she may be blessed and cured of all her illnesses,and my mom,that he may intercede great thanks to Jesus on my behalf for the good fortune of having my mother in my life despite her age and health.Padre Pio,thank you

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Padre Pio pleade show us where we can find housing that meets our needs, is a rent amount wr can afford, is accepting of our dog so we dont need to stay with my parents any longer.

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Dear St Padre Pio, please intercede for my family that my children and I will have our Visas extended by the British Home Office to enable my last son continue to recieve his speech therapy here in the Uk.O God please hear and answer us in Jesus name Amen.

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Dear St Padre Pio please kindly touch my husband's heart and soften it that he may understand the need for us to remain in the Uk and support us Amen.I God please hear and answer us in Jesus name Amen.

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Dear Padre Pio, please grant a miracle that Jake, my sister Mary’s adorable gentle 2.5 yr lab puppy will be saved. He is going through final stage kidney failure. We have been told that there is no hope and that he has only between a few days and a few weeks to live. Everything medically and holistically that was recommended has been done. He is a rescue dog who was bottle fed from one day old and survived against the odds. He has been raised by my amazing sister. He is her baby and her world. We love him with all our hearts and we do not want to lose him. Please, please pray for a miracle that he will be healed and survive to live a long healthy life. Thank you for your kindness and prayers. Orna

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Dear God, please assist me with the following please - liberty medical aid refund : 76389667. God, please cancel / terminate and dissolve my Admin Order 10003/22009 that I have paid for 8 years with immediate effect so I have a perfect credit record and be debt-free. God, please assist me to receive UIF payments since my Employer retrenched me. I am a 44 yr old widow & have battled financially for 12 ½ years since my husband died from cancer, I beg your help God for me to finally get on top of this financial stress and clear / settle all of my debt so I can start afresh. Please pray for me and my children - lead me / guide me and show me the way to receive a monthly / reliable / dependable income which shall allow me to work from home whilst encouraging devotion to you God? Lord please help me to create a lovely website in order that I can work from home and promote/encourage devotion to God and to also provide a safe / loving home for my children, cats and I ? God open the way for me to have financial security & to be debt free I beg you. God, Please help me in my relationship with PBFMVM, please HEAL, please renew and strengthen our love/adoration/devotion to each other, please I beg of you to heal our relationship with God’s divine healing and I ask that you God, are always with me to comfort me and calm me. Please help me as I feel that PBFMVM has been very distant and aloof to me and I think it is due to the challenges and pressure in his job and his life. PLEASE heal our relationship and let us spend more daily facetoface time together. God, please also guide / help PBFMVM in all areas of his life and at work. God I surrender my entire life, mind, body, heart, health and soul to you - please help me, guide me and lead me & my children? God, Please help my children KMG and JIG to be successful, happy and healthy whilst enjoying the work that they do and allow them to both have health, wealth, prosperity, love, peace, harmony, joy, happiness and YOUR DIVINE love, guidance; leadership, miracles, blessings and protection in their lives for all eternity. Please bless my cousin MJD for helping my when I needed help. Thank you that you sent TLH to live with us so as to share the rental costs. God, PLEASE allow the DGL to accept that I can only pay the outstanding rent that RG owed over time ? Thank you, thank you, thank you to you God, Jesus, Blessed Virgin Mary, Saint Anne, Saint Joseph, Saint Padre Pio, Saint Jude & Saint Anthony, Saint Francis and God for always coming to my assistance in all areas of my life and the lives of my children, family and friends. Thank you for all the blessings & miracles in my life. Thank you looking after my beloved husband GG in heaven and all my other loved ones in heaven. thank you, Amen

Unknown said...

Dear st padre pio. Please hear my prayer today. My beloved mother is gravely ill and has been given only 24 hours to live. Please visit her and heal her from her bodily ailments. Please give her strength and love to see her back to good health. Please give her patience and healing. Please give her peace and love. Please help her body return to its full strength and help her and encourage her to continue to fight her way back to health. I will pray to you daily for my beloved mothers full recovery.

Rose said...

Dearest Saint Padre Pio

Please have mercy on me. I need your miracles in helping me find the right partner. Please help me. I am very old and i need a partner. Please help me to be destined to be with the eurasian guy from the church. Please, i really do not know what to do. Please help me by making both of us meet and talk to each other in private this sunday. There is no more time. Please i am begging you. None of my prayers have been answered as of today. I cannot live without him. I am begging you, please do not make this sunday backfire too. I really do not know what to do. Please help work your miracles in my life. Amen

Anonymous said...

Dear St Padre Pio please come to my aid. My inlaws did spell on my husband to control his mind and use him only for money. He acts like their puppet and ill treats us. When we need him the most he leaves us helpless and lonely. He always tries that how to impress his parents by doing whatever pleases them though he knows he is doing wrong. My in laws did black magic on me. I am suffering from one or the other physical pains from past 17 years. Migraine, back pain, piles, carbuncles, depression, accident, mental health problems there are many things. There is not a single day I spent happily without pain. I am tired of it. My children also suffer a lot. Death is far better than this life. Now I know my husband is something big to trap me. He always treats mr as his enemy. I have no one for my support and he takes advantage of the situation. I am like a worm living a life of slave. God knows everything what I went through and going through. Oh dear Saint please help me. Please take away my in laws from us. They ruined my life as well as their siblings and many others life also. Please take them from us forever and unite and bless my family. Brting me and my husband closer to each other and save my marriage. Bless my children and they may get the love care security from their father. Please Saint Padre Pio help me in this my urgent need.

Anonymous said...

I WILL LIKE TO LIVE WITH MY DADDY SO I PRAY PLEASE LET THE PROBATION OFFICER SHOW MERCY ON MY DADDY AND I. Please pray that my custody hearing will not be postponed again and the probation officer and magistrate will favour me going to live with my daddy.

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Hi My Name is Amber Nicole Ellis I Need Prayer Become I Am Sick And Feel Bad I Need God To Make Me Happy Not Feel Bad And sick

Anonymous said...

Please padre pio intercede for my wife decision... play for me and specially for my son and my family... sacred heart of jesus i place my trust in you .. and our mother of perpetual help and lady of mediatrix of all grace pray for us...

Anonymous said...

Please padre pio intercede for my wife decision... play for me and specially for my son and my family... sacred heart of jesus i place my trust in you .. and our mother of perpetual help and lady of mediatrix of all grace pray for us...

Anonymous said...

Padre Pio please heal Luke. Thank You

Anonymous said...

Padre Pio please heal Luke. Thank You

Anonymous said...

Beloved padre pio....pls intercede for me...bless me with a catholic life partner,a job,blessings on my dad n siblings,continue spiritual upliftment n bring my brothers fully back to d catholic church...Amen

Anonymous said...

Dear padre pio...intercede for our country Nigeria n other countries faced with terrorism...intercede for d sick,those That ve been kidnapped n grnt eternal rest to al d departed souls...These I ask through Christ our Lord Amen

Anonymous said...

I am asking for prayers to St. Jude, St. Rita, St. Padre Pio, St Andrew, St Pope John Paul II and St. Anthony for the health of my parents and myself and my husband so that they may place these prayers before Our Lady, so she may give the prayers to her Holy son. Please pray for his job. Please pray for my father and mother. Please pray they can enjoy life. Please pray that I can relax and not be so stressed out. Please pray for my 4 yr old niece. Please pray for my health issues to go away. Pray my husband and I will live a long and healthy and happy life. I am asking for the TMJ issues to go away. Please pray for my brother and that he gets his eyesight back.I pray please for good teeth. Please help me with the exhaustion I have. Please pray that my health issues get better

Anonymous said...

Please give us the Sacraments, and let us do God's Will. Console my mother and give us the strength to hold firm during these times. Let I and my sons become your spiritual sons and daughters. We need guidance for these difficult times.

Lisa Hoffman said...

St. Pio, these prayers here are old, but they all have such confidence in your love and concern. Happy and Blessed Feast Day! Please intercede for myself and my fiance, that we may serve Jesus together soon, in Holy Matrimony, and that we have the Grace to return threefold to the Lord, what He has given us. I also ask you to help me with my depression, it is really affecting me negatively and it prevents me from going to Mass amongst other things. Thank you, thank you, thank you for taking away the despair that I suffered with for so long. Now I just have to shed the lack of a will to live. Please watch over my family, friends and all that I entrust to you. Please ask Our Lady to lift my grandparents and ancestors that are suffering in purgatory. Please pray that I may have the grace to cope with my sufferings and to see them as you saw your own suffering and pain.

Anonymous said...

Saint Padre Pio, please intercede for my famiy's physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and financial well-being. Chad, Amy, Caden, Gavin, Ron, Steve, Flavia, Payton, Chih, Jackie, Jenny, Becky, Sarah, Ryan, Brooke, Brandon, Doug, Ian, David, Dalton, Colton, Lauren, Alexander, Angey, Vicki, and those afflicted with cancer, severe bone injuries, mental problems, unemployment, and in need of conversion to Our Lord Jesus Christ as their Savior. Thank you for your faithfulness and obedience to Our Triune God. Thank you for hearing this prayer. We pray in Jesus' name. Amen. +

Anonymous said...

For my oldest son and wife, that they receive the graces needed for their conversion. Please visit them, St Pio, that they may have cured their unbelief, and bring peace to our home.

Unknown said...

Jesus did not judge. He let prostitutes bathe his feet. He had no judgement. God forgives all sins. God and jesus did not write these rules. Adam and eve were unmarried. Aren't we all one? You do not have to be Catholic to believe and pray to the saints. Most of us are spiritual. Your judgmental attitude is a sin. The biggest sin on earth. I pray for you so hard and hope that the judgement leaves you. Only God can judge and God has the power to love heal, forgive and also decide what happens to us. I suggest you stick to praying for your ego based ailment.

Unknown said...

Your family does not need conversion. All they need his their voice to speak, their minds to think and their hands to pray. It's easy and no conversion required. They will find their faith again in their own time. Jesus has a plan. Do not force jesus and archangel Michael's plan. They need to learn how to grow spiritually as a human by themselves. If you force them into rules and conversion then they are going to resent all that's holy. Please do not follow the ego based idea of wanting to control other people's spiritual path. That is not the way it works or ever worked. Trust and have faith in the Lord and padre Pio that faith and spirituality will be restored.

Justine. said...

St.Fr.Pio pray for me so as my eyes to be healed from poor distance vision. Heal my mind so as to know who i am and whom i suppose to be.
In the name of Father Son and the Holy Spirit.AMEN.

Anonymous said...

Dear St. Padre Pio, Interceed on my mother's behalf. Heal her of her diabetes and its accompaning complications, especially the. Blindness. Give my Father strenght to support her always. Bless me, favour me and may the grace of almighty father be with me always. Amen

Unknown said...

Dear St Padre Pio, please pray to God for me to get a good job very soon to take good care of my family and the new member coming in soon through him. I promise to use proceeds from this job to continue serving God all my life.

Unknown said...

Plz pray for m3and my husband to have children in jesus name🙏

DopoLaMorte said...

It's not "San Vito Lanciano" but "San Vito Chietino". What you call "San Vito Lanciano" It's just a Railway station in "San Vito Chietino"

Anonymous said...

Please be with me Father Pio, I humbly ask your help to be freed from all my suffering esp in this time of my life.Please dont let me be away from my family esp to my son.And please let me see my mom this year hear me.please bring back my normal life.Take my stress/problem away.And please dont let them take what I have esp my job. PLEASE LORD,STAY WITH ME,GUIDE ME AND DONT LEAVE ME.PLEASE SEND YOUR MIRACLES TO ME ,TAKE ALL MY BURDENS.I LOVE YOU! PRAY FOR ME FATHER PIO.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Health so many problems I'd like to see more of my children and be fit enough to go out more 10 years restricted and getting worse So please Pio give me Health then I could do so much for charity and my family

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